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Welcome to Hope (HOLD ON PAIN EASES)

HOPE was formed in 2013 by Mary Mc Loughlan  in memory of  her sister and nephew who lost their lives by suicide, and in response to the growing number of  suicides  in our community. 

A group of eager volunteers joined Mary and through their tireless commitment  provided this vital service from a room in Trustus House and occasionally in Killinarden Community Centre for 4 years.

In 2017 HOPE acquired a lease on a run- down premises in Courthouse Square in Tallaght  village, and thanks to a group of local  voluntary tradesmen, transformed it into a dedicated centre to cater for our needs.

For this we are forever grateful

To keep in line with Charity Regulations and Standards,  HOPE  then formed a limited company  complete with a voluntary Board of Directors who oversee all regulative policies and procedures.  

The Board are presently in the process of applying  to the Charities Regulator  for a Charity number  and if successful will render us tax exempt and open the gateway to Community grants and Corporate support.

Copies of our policies are available on request.

Our Services

Mental Health Issues

We provide a listening/support service for anyone dealing with Mental Health issues.

Drop in Centre

Our drop in service will reopen on Friday 1st October’21, and will be open initially on Wednesday and Friday mornings 10am to 12.30.

Family support

If you are caring for someone suffering from Depression, Self harming or having suicidal thoughts

Bereavement supports.

If you are worried about yourself or someone else that has been affected by the suicide of a close friend

Suicide Awareness

If your interested in attending a Suicide Awareness/Prevention workshop

Get Involved


Become a Volunteer

Presently we have a group of volunteers that are second to none. From Board members...
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Fund Raising

Help with Fund Raising

As we get no state funding, all of our funds are raised through different community events...
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Intervention Courses

Intervention Courses

Over the next few months we hope to be in a position to resume Suicide Prevention and mindfulness...
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Change Starts here today with you

Please Help our Organisation by making a donation. All donations go directly to improving the general mental health of our community.

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We do not receive any state funding so without your help we simply would not exist.

All our staff from CEO to Mrs Doyle are totally voluntary.

Your Donations have succeeded and will continue to save lives.