Elementor #2601

Civic Theatre, Sat. 27th July 8pm.

Thank you so much Al Porter for organising this exciting event for Hope. Well done to you. You should be very proud of how far you’ve  come  and the obstacles you have overcome th get yourself back on stage, where you belong.  I think your first public comeback was a charity gig in the Dragon Inn for Hope, Along with mary Byrne and other artists organised by Chris and Kevin Keeley.  You are an inspiration to the youth of Tallaght and beyond.  We wish you every success in the future.   Your popularity was proven when this show was sold out in days.    To all who got tickets Enjoy the show, to those who didnt, keep an eye out on Vicar Street, where hes booked in for several shows and hopefully we will see him again soon in Tallaght.